What We Do

Investment Management

Fee-only Investment Management:

  1. Managed model portfolios of no-load mutual funds Outside individual private money managers
  2. Managed individual portfolios of no-load mutual funds
  3. Individual portfolios of securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and/or REITs

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Financial Life Planning

Fee-only comprehensive, integrated FinancialLife Planning:

Financial Life Planning -- What is the lifestyle I want?  Do I have to wait until a certain age to get it?  What is my purpose in life?

Investment Analysis -- Is my portfolio appropriate to the risk I say I am willing to take? Will it allow me to meet my goals? Do I have the right kinds of assets?

Retirement Planning -- Can I afford to retire when I want to? How long will the money last? Do I have enough for the next twenty or thirty years?

Tax Planning -- Is there a better mix of assets to give me a greater after-tax or tax-free return? Should I own the assets or should my children? Am I taking all the deductions I am entitled to?

Estate Planning -- Will my family be secure when I die? How much will they have to pay in taxes and fees before they get their inheritance? How do I include my favorite charities without hurting my children or my spouse?

Insurance Review -- Do we have the right kind? Do we pay the right premium? Is it enough? Too much?

Education Planning -- How much do I have to put aside monthly to have the funds ready for college? Did I select the proper assets to do the job? What part of the cost of college do I want to assume?

Cash Flow Review -- Where does it comes from and where does it go?